Know1ng: TV Series

Okay, strictly speaking, there is no plan to make this television series-yet. But don't you remember those numbers that Caleb was writing down just before John stopped him? Well, IMDb thinks that they are "presumably, a separate code of events for the new world." They could be right. Here's an idea of what the series might be like:


Caleb Koestler & Abby Wayland arrive at the cloud-mountains, the homes of the whisper-people. They both have oodles of questions for them. The leader, named Ralph (I couldn't think of any other name!), has answers to almost all of them. One question that Caleb wants to know is why he wanted him to write down the new world code of events. Caleb pulls the 2nd list, now completed, out of his pants pocket. Ralph explains why he made him write it. Sometime later, a villain known as Ragnar (same thing as with Ralph), who wants to take over the planet by building an extremely powerful empire. It's up to Caleb, Abby, the whisper-people, & the other chosen children to put an end to his murderous empire-to-be. Oh, and, BTW, the children grow up throughout the series.

Pretty great, huh? Also, the spirits of John & Dianna may appear in the series as well. Just to let you all know.