Meet the Robinsons in 3-D

Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 CGI film that is Disney's 47th animated film & based on William Joyce's children's picture book A Day with Wilbur Robinson. The film was, at first, going to be made in live-action, keep the book's name, and be released (somewhere) in 2006, but that changed since 60% of the movie was, well, changed. It was produced by Dorothy McKim, Bill Borden, David J. Steinberg, Makul Wigert, Monica Lago-Kaytis, Clark Spencer, John Lasseter, & (GET THIS!), William Joyce, directed by Stephen John Anderson, written by Don Hall, Aurian Redson, Jon Bernstein, Michelle Bochner, Nathan Greno, Joseph Mateo, Stephen John Anderson, Robert L. Baird, Daniel Gerson, & Shirly Pierce, & stars the voice talents of Daniel Hansen & Jordan Fry (Lewis), Wesley Singerman (Wilbur Robinson), Paul Butcher (Stanley Pukowski), Stephen John Anderson (Bowler Hat Guy/Grandpa Bud Robinson/Tallulah Robinson), Aurian Redson (Frankie), & Tom Selleck (Cornelius Robinson). This film has been rated G in both the USA & in Canada, although it should've been rated PG for some mild action. I would give this movie 99% of a star.


Experience the future as only Disney can imagine it!


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Lewis is a 12-year-old orphan whose dream is to find the mother he never knew, so he creates an invention he calls the Memory Scanner. But a person called the Bowler Hat Guy sabotages & steals it. A 13-year-old stranger named Wilbur Robinson takes Lewis to the future in a flying time machine, but after having an argument over him taking Lewis back to see his mom, the time machine crashes. They take it to the garage at Wilbur's house where Lewis meets "a real live robot", whose name is Carl & who goes up a travel-tube, screaming all the way! Then Wilbur, after slamming a fruit hat on Lewis's head to cover his hair, goes after Carl.

Okay now, the 2nd half of the movie is based on the book, so you probably can guess what happens next. There's also a surprise somewhere at the end of the movie. I don't want to give away the entire story.


Walt Disney Animation Studios. March 23, 2007. Adventure-Comedy-Science Fiction-Family. 095 min./color. DVD, BD; 2-D, 3-D.


I think this movie is awesome because it tells you 4 things: never stop believing in yourself, don't give up, let go of the past, and, above all, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Super Rhino

Super Rhino is a 2009 CGI animated short, starring the characters from the Walt Disney feature film Bolt. It was produced by Clark Spencer, Makul Wigert, Byron Howard, John Lasseter, & Chris Williams, directed & written by Nathan Greno, & stars the voice talents of Mark Walton (Rhino) & Miley Cyrus (Penny). This short has been rated G (MPAA/USA). I would give this short 100% of a star.


Penny & Bolt have been captured by Dr. Calico (Malcolm McDowell), & are hanging over a lake of lava. Rhino, now genetically enhanced with superpowers, thanks to Penny's TV Dad (Sean Donnellan), races to Calico's lair to save them. There's a surprise ending in this short, one which I surely don't want to give away.


Walt Disney Animation Studios. March 22, 2009 (with Bolt DVD & BD). Adventure-Comedy-Family. 04 min./color. USA.


I think this short is cool because now, Bolt has another sidekick, besides Penny.