Alpha and Omega in 3-D

Alpha and Omega in 3-D is a 2010 CGI film that's based on a story by Steve Moore. Sadly, Dennis Hopper (who, BTW plays Tony) died shortly afterward, so the film was dedicated in his name. It was produced by Ken Katsumoto, Steve Moore, Richard Rich, Timothy Yoo, Noah Fogelson, A. K. Madhavan, Michael Paseornek, Seemha Ramanna, & Priyank Raj, directed by Ben Gluck & Anthony Bell, written by Chris Denk & (DUH!) Steve Moore, & stars the voice talents of Justin Long (Humphrey), Hayden Panettiere (Kate), Christina Ricci (Lilly), Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover (Winston), Chris Carmack (Garth), Larry Miller (Marcel), & Eric Price (Paddy/Mooch). This film has been rated PG for rude humor and some mild action (MPAA/USA [certificate #45887]), PG (Canadian English), and G (Canadian French), although it should've been rated PG-13 for rude humor, mild language, scary action, some suggestive content, and a brief drug reference. I would give this movie 69% of a star.


A "pawsome" 3-D adventure.


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2 wolves (a female Alpha & a male Omega)  are kidnapped & are taken to Idaho to repopulate. They try to get back home to Jasper Park, Canada (which, BTW, is a real place) for a planned marriage, but they find themselves falling in love with each other.


Lionsgate Films. September 08, 2010. Adventure-Comedy-Romance-Family. 088 min./color. DVD, BD; 2-D, 3-D.


I think this a good movie because it's full of adventure.