Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation

Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation is a 2015 CGI Direct-to-Video film. It was directed by Richard Rich, written by Tom Kane, & stars the voice talents of Ben Diskin (Humphrey), Kate Higgins (Kate/Stinky), Lindsay Torrance (Claudette), Dee Dee Greene (Runt), & Gina K. Bowes (Frieda & Fran). This film has been unrated. I would give this movie 65% of a star.
Click here to watch it.
The wolf pack goes on a (what else?) family vacation while also escaping trappers.
Lionsgate Films. March 28, 2015. Action-Adventure-Dramedy-Family. 045min./color. DVD,BD;2-D.
I think this is a great film because of the adventure.

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